Server tuning documentation - ulimit and sysctl values?

I noticed that still references Ubuntu 18.04, so was wondering if it might need a review? I haven’t studied it in depth, but e.g. the setting kernel.dmesg_restrict = 0 is now the default on Ubuntu 20.04. [edit, sorry was accidentally looking at a Debian 10 box when I wrote that bit!].

Based on the contents of that page, I’ve created files /etc/security/limits.d/lxd.conf and /etc/sysctl.d/99-lxd-production.conf … but was wondering if it would be better if these were included with lxd itself?

Also the instruction “Then, reboot the server.” after the systctl config items, might be better replaced with "Then run sysctl --system"?

They should all still be applied.

For dmesg_restrict, you misread the table, it states that the default is 0 which is still the case on 20.04 and that it should be set to 1.

We still recommend a reboot as if your system has already hit some of those limits, bumping them then may not be sufficient.