Service lxc-net doesn't exist on CentOS 7


I’m currently trying to setup the bridge configuration for my LXC containers on CentOS 7.
The issue is that, after creating the file /etc/default/lxc-net, I have to start the service lxc-net.service, but it doesn’t exist.

I’ve already installed LXC on Debian and never had this issue.

Therefore, I wanted to know if it was normal that this service isn’t available on CentOS, or if I’m supposed to create it.
If the latter is correct, I’d appreciate any help or examples on how to do that.

Thanks a lot for your help.

What version of LXC is that?

LXC 1.0.11, downloaded from the EPEL 7 repository.

EDIT: Now that you said it, I searched a bit and found out that lxc-net is only available in the LXC 2.0 package.
I’m going to try installing it on CentOS, hoping it’ll work.
Sorry for the waste of time, I’ll search more next time.

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