Set uname -l from within unpriviledged container

I know this is probably not possible, but I need to find a way to increase this value in an unpriviledged container.

From within container, the value is
ulimit -l

while on the host it’s
ulimit -l

Is there a container setting or some other way I could increase this value in the container itself?

If on LXD, the limits.kernel. set of keys can be used for that. under Resource limits via limits.kernel.[limit name]

I tried something like this
lxc config set container1 limits.kernel.memlock=65535

but it doesn’t seem to work.

ulimit -l shows 63

Can you show cat /proc/1/limits after restarting the container once that limit is set?

Ah, thanks for the tip!
It seems that ulimit -l shows value in kilobytes while limits.kernel.memlock is in bytes.
I set
lxc config set container1 limits.kernel.memlock=67107840
and now

ulimit -l reports

Sorry for the confusion, totally unrelated to lxd which works as expected.