Setting up a secure shared development environment on LXD Cluster without Snap

Hello everyone!

Need help with shared development environment on LXD Cluster without Snap

The video shows a great feature! But what should I do if I have not one device but a whole cluster and I do not use Snap? (I took the video from the blog

I have a cluster of 3 servers (servers will be added) how can I make developers work remotely in their projects using the resources of the cluster but not having a direct connection to the servers?

I think it’s a very good idea to promote LXD

Does this require the use of LXD Remotes ((lxc remote add)) so that when connected, a project is automatically created as shown in the video?

Can I purchase a server that will act as a “connector” between clusters and developers’ devices? (Developers will connect to the “connector” server and will be able to work with an already automatically created project in the cluster)

Do I need to use OpenLDAP and Kerberos for this?

Can this help me?


I would be grateful for any information and idea

Thank you!


PS: I’m using Alpine Linux on hosts and the command “snap set lxd” doesn’t work