Setting up containers to run on a minIO distributed setup?

Does anyone have any experience setting up the lxd storage backend on a minIO distributed setup?

I am looking to setup something thats easier to maintain than Ceph and i found MinIO which is a really nice distributed object storage solution. The nice thing about minIO is that it works on any type of file system (ext4,xfs,etc.).

My initial thoughts were to create a distributed object storage (because i am looking for very fast I/O performance), format it and then use it as the storage backend for my LXD installation, I could do the format as LVM and then just use all of my data available , but for some reason when i am asked to provide the path to the block device it simply doesn’t want to work. Is there something I am doing wrong ? maybe i should use btrfs ? or zfs (although i try to stay away from zfs)?

Right now i have 3 nodes that each carry 8 Micron 7300 MAX U.2 drives . Each node has a Mellanox ConnectX6-DX card (2x100Gb qfsp+) and they are connected to a Mellanox SN2700 Switch (32 x 100Gb ports).

Again the reason I am staying away from ceph is just for simplicity. I may have to switch over to it from what i have been reading (and also because i just cant find much on using MinIO with LXD, although it sells itself as the perfect Object Storage solution for containers).


Are you looking to run this inside an LXD container or VM?

Inside a container, you will likely find that the if the app you are using tries to create partitions/filesystems ontop of the block device inside the container that this won’t be allowed.

You can pass in a directory as a disk that can then be used as storage directly using the disk device, see