SFTP transfers in LXD container

I have an Ubuntu 16.04 host with Ubuntu 16.04 container. I’m using SFTP jail (internal-sftp functionality) for transferring files. When I’m trying to detect partial uploaded files, by using fuser command, fuser doesn’t report any PIDs ( expected behaviour is to show SFTP PID during file upload). Strange thing is that this is an issue only with SFTP transfers , for example SCP transfers doesn’t have this issue. I will appreciate any ideas of why this is happening and eventually how to be fixed.

I’m suspecting that apparmor prevents fuser to get information about SFTP process. Is there any way to disable apparmor for a certain container?

I believe its:

lxc config set <containername> raw.lxc lxc.aa_profile=unconfined
lxc restart <containername>

I don’t have an example lying around but I had to do that for a project awhile but, however those commands ended up not working and I instead had to make a new profile with them set and then create the container off that profile.