Share ZFS dataset with container, ID remapping not required?

I want to run a Samba server in a container to serve up a ZFS dataset that is mounted on the host filesystem, so that the host can manage snapshots and off-site send/receive, and any malicious process that breaks in via smb can only see the files, not the underlying ZFS dataset/snapshots.

There are only going to be a couple of users, so it’s practical for me to just synchronise ids in /etc/passwd instead of using shiftfs.

What I can’t seem to find however is documentation on where and how to configure LXD to mount a host folder inside a container.

The tutorial here:

provides an example of a “device-configuration in the container/profile-config”, but I am not sure what this is or where to find it, nor have I been able to find any references to that in the documentation. Actually I’m not even sure if this is talking about a shared folder or a loopback block device?

Is there a section of the documentation I have missed that covers this? Alternatively, Is there a config file that contains this container config?

You can do:

lxc config device add <instance> <disk name> disk source=/path/on/host path=/path/inside/instance
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Thank you!