Simple question about block type storage volume


If a block type storage volume is allocated to a VM, can this disk be used as a shared disk?
(For example, is it possible to build a cluster (not drbd, shared disk) with this disk?)

Thank you.

Yeah, I believe we made the decision not to prevent concurrent attach to multiple VMs, hoping that users who do that also understand the implications and have a legitimate use case for it like running a filesystem that handles distributed locking and can allow concurrent mounts (gfs2 or the like).

Thank you very much. @stgraber.

Can you explain more about the following, one of the features of LXD 4.3?
Does it mean that can i access the console through the web?

No, as stated the plan is to get it accessible through lxc console in the future. For now you can directly connect to it using spicy if you want (socket is in /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/logs/NAME/qemu.spice).

Thak you very much. @stgraber