Snap purge - recover storage pool?

It appears I made a huge error.

└─$ snap --version
snap 2.51.7-1
snapd 2.51.7-1
series 16
kali 2021.3
kernel 5.10.0-kali9-amd64

I ran:

└─$ snap remove --purge lxd 130 ⨯
lxd removed

It appears to have removed my storage pool?

└─$ snap saved
No snapshots found.

What are my options?

What kind of storage pool were you using?

If you weren’t using an external storage pool (dedicated, disk, partition or path), then you’re indeed in pretty deep trouble :frowning:

In such cases, depending on how critical the data is, the recommendation would be to immediately stop the system, make a copy of the complete hard drive and then run data recovery software on that copy. There are different tools you can use for that depending on the filesystem.

Eesh. Thought so. For some reason, I had believed that there was supposed to now be a snapshot, even with --purge.

No worries. It’s not production (home lab stuff) and I have old backups of the containers and backups of the data I need.

Thanks for verifying.