Lxd v. 4.13

Docs/instances say:
snapshots.schedule string - no - Cron expression (<minute> <hour> <dom> <month> <dow>), or a comma separated list of schedule aliases <@hourly> <@daily> <@midnight> <@weekly> <@monthly> <@annually> <@yearly> <@startup>

A single value (schedule alias) works:
lxc config set Container snapshots.schedule="@daily"

A comma seperated list as mentioned in docs, however doesnt work:
lxc config set Container snapshots.schedule=’@daily,@weekly
lxc config set Container snapshots.schedule="@daily,@weekly"
Error: Invalid config: Schedule must be of the form: <minute> <hour> <day-of-month> <month> <day-of-week>

This is already reported here:

As auto snapshot now will be taking multiple schedules, is it a thinkable feature to have multiple patterns and multiple expirations each corresponding to those plans?

Or having the auto snapshot values as array:

snapshots.expiry: 90d
snapshots.pattern: A-%d
… etc.