[solved] LXD system container vs VM container


I try to understand what is the difference between LXD VM and system containers. Especialy for usage.
If someone have the time to explain this :wink:


You can find more information here:

Containers use kernel components from the host OS.
VMs have their own kernel. (virtualization)

A VM is not a container, but a VM.
So it is a Container vs Virtual Machine

For example, it is not possible to run Docker in unprivileged containers because access to the host is required. Because VMs have their own kernel, this is a safe alternative. I try to run everything in containers because of the efficiency. If this is not possible, then I create VMs. We don’t want that apps in containers can access and control the host OS or modules.

You can also google for containers vs vm’s for pros and cons.

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I had read this great article and another one (Running virtual machines with LXD 4.0) but the information about kernel usage seems to be missing. (Probably intresting to edit one of this because SEO is good for those).
Thanks for this good answer. This is exactly what I wanted to confirm :+1: