[Solved] Opensuse/15.1/cloud with static IP, unable to connect to network


I used Mr. Simos excellent blog:

to set up static IP on lxd container running ubuntu and it works great.

Now I am trying to set up a static IP on a lxd container running opensuse/15.1 or opensuse/15.1/cloud and no luck. If it uses dhcp for a dynamic IP, it works great, networks, etc but I am unable to get a static IP to network.

I was reading this as it looks like problems for opensuse: LXD and cloud-init network only works with centos 7 and ubuntu 18.04 images, the rest fails

If anyone has done this please post your config or any tips. Appreciate it very much.




I created a fresh opensuse container (not the cloud version) and setup the static IP and used the macvlan profile on the host from the link above. I finally got it to work after I did this in the container:

ip route add default via
(my gateway) and now it has network access and works, wheew :slight_smile:

Now the container is running hawk, the webUI, to manage a cluster with pacemaker & stonith, so far it is working great :slight_smile:

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