Some errors on services inside LXD containers


I am evaluating LXD containers and I am setting up multiple, unprivileged LXD containers with Debian Stretch, running services with inbound connections, such as openssh-server, openvpn and rabbitmq-server.

So far everything seems to be working (I only had to comment a LimitNPROC line on the unit file of openvpn), but most of the systemd services running inside the container show these errors:

Failed to reset devices.list: Operation not permitted
openvpn.service: Failed to set invocation ID on control group /system.slice/openvpn.service, ignoring: Operation not permitted

Is there any way to fix it?

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I think these are non-critical issues.

For the first, see

For the second, see

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I’m having this issue with the Debian stock 4.9.0-5-amd64 kernel… What should I do? I didn’t see anything useful in the Github issue.