Some post request fail with wireguard and incus

As explained in this issue: [Issue]: some POST requests return 504, everything else works · Issue #11474 · jellyfin/jellyfin · GitHub
I have problems with receiving a response to a post request from a backend connected over wireguard to another host system. Can this somehow be related to Incus or should I search for a solution elsewhere?

Hello Nols,

There are many things that can fail in such a setup :slight_smile:

From trial and errors, i found WireGuard very robust.
So is Nginx :slight_smile:

To me it seems more like a config issue, with NGINX not reverse-proxying properly what you try to send to your host.

It could also be a problem regarding Wireguard, have you tried, to get it work without a proxy in the middle ? Then enabling proxy.

How is your proxy configured if i may ask ?
WG ?

I’ve never tried Jellyfin, so i could not tell for sure, but i’m hosting a few services in VMs/CTs, connected to a WG instance, with a reverse proxy connected both to WG & WAN, allowed to access the services i wish to expose to the internet. From Cryptpad to Jitsi, it needs a proper NGINX configuration and WG config (you need the trafic to be OK in both direction)… but works flawlessly for as long as i can remember :slight_smile:

If i get time, i’ll give Jellyfin a try :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
After some more digging I found that my wireguard mpu was too high. So yes, not related to incus.