Some Question about LXD (2nd)


First, thank you for answer.
I have some questions about lxd.

  1. What do you recommend as a storage driver?
    (In terms of performance and stability)

  2. Please see the picture below.
    storage: btrfs / storage version: 4.15.1, ubuntu

storage: zfs / storage version: 0.8.3-1ubuntu12, ubuntu,

storage: btrfs / storge version: 4.15.1, centos

2.1 How is root (/) size determined?
(All three pictures above are centos 7 container)

2.2 Is there any problem with lxc copy / move / snapshot between two servers with
different storage drivers?

  1. Can I connect and mount the existing data (1TB, LVM, xfs, multiple physical disk, used in other physical server) to the container through syscall intercept?

  2. What is recommended as a monitoring tool for container and vm of lxd?
    (The monitoring tools tested are monit and sensu. I know zabbix is also possible. I didn’t test it.)

  3. How many lxc move / copy can be performed at the same time?
    (For VMware vmotion, 4EA for 1GB of bandwidth)

  4. How do I check the list of snapshots taken after performing a snapshot on the
    remote server that registered the snapshot as lxc remote?
    (In the case of lxc list, only the number of times the snapshot was executed is
    displayed, and in the case of the lxc info CONTAINER_NAME command, the
    snapshot name and time information are displayed, but it is not displayed on
    which remote server the snapshot is stored.)

  5. Is it possible to move container or vm from one storage to another storage while online? (The running container was automatically shut down when the move command was executed.)

  6. Can one storage volume be shared by multiple lxd hosts?
    (For example, if the storage volume is above gpfs.)

  7. how to p2v or v2v for lxd?

Thank you^^