Spice client for Incus container

Incus VM’s have the spice server built-in and use the command:

incus console C1 --type=vga

to enter the GUI with the virt-viewer using spice.

Is there a way to install a spice server on an incus ubuntu container (not VM)? I have been known to install a GUI on a container and also an RDP server to gain access to the GUI. The question here is can I install spice server support on an incus container and how?

Not currently, no.

We could in theory relay that --type=vga traffic over to a spice server running inside the container like Xspice but I’ve not had much luck getting Xspice to work and it’s lacking support for listening on a unix socket which would be a hard requirement for us.

Also, it’d certainly be better if we could have something that supports Wayland these days.

I see your efforts are on par with mine. The documentation is sparse and I certainly understand the emphasis on Wayland. It’s hard to even find folks who have implemented running Spice on other than QEMU.

Such an effort requires patching several packages to make it work under containers.
@tarruda posted a script that helps you in doing so.