Ssh into a container in github actions

Hi all,

I would like to perform these tasks in Github Actions:

  1. Install and start incus Link to step 1

  2. Launch a void linux container Link to step 2

  3. Set up the container so I can ssh as root into it Link to step 3

The 3rd step is failing, the error is visible at:

Ideas how to solve?


I don’t use void linux, but I don’t see anywhere that you install or start an openssh-server package. Are you sure it’s there?

openssh is installed by default in the voidlinux container.
I start it with: dotfiles/.github/workflows/workstation.yml at b1efa90bca397ee2f67157307da99766ab40e1b1 · carlotm/dotfiles · GitHub

Yes, linking the service also starts it in runit. To be on the safe side though, I added commands to start the service and see its status, and now I am getting a different error, which seems related to runit:

force sshd start ans status · carlotm/dotfiles@b1efa90 · GitHub

So you could be right that sshd is just not running correctly.

I can confirm sshd is running correctly.

I also tested the same commands locally and it works fine.

I suspect it is a networking problem on the github runner, but I have no idea what to do :slight_smile: