Start container on cluster from laptop

I’m new to LXD clusters. I created a prototype with two cluster members (lxd0 and lxd1). I would now like to create a container on the cluster from a laptop. How do I do that?

I found a post that describes how to do it. The missing parts is telling the laptop how to reach the cluster:

$ lxc remote add cluster0 <ip-of-a-cluster-node>
$ lxc remote switch cluster0
$ lxc launch ubuntu:22.04 c1
$ lxc list
| c1   | RUNNING |      |      | CONTAINER | 0         | lxd0     |

Note: I still need to set up a network for containers on the cluster, hence the lack of IP addresses in the list above.

Keep in mind also that as a 2 member cluster is not highly available, if you lose the leader member the entire cluster will become inoperable until it is restarted.