Status of mounting shares in 2017?

So for the longest time my home LXD host (currently up to 32 containers as of writing, not all active 24/7) has been making use of mounted shares via the host as per the article I wrote about it: Mount CIFS/SMB shares RW in LXD containers

Way back when, the requirement for this and other means of getting data into containers (binds et al) came from a lack of support upstream.

With the (from my perspective) success of LXD, has this changed? Is there an official R/W option for mounting shares in LXD directly today?

I’m managing fine with it as it is right now given it’s the home environment, but I’d like to see this improved if it hasn’t been already, though appreciate this is not directly in the hands of LXD devs.

I’m on the official PPA, so LXD v. 2.14

Not much has changed there. The main change is that with recent kernels you can now mount FUSE filesystems inside unprivileged containers, so you could use one of the FUSE based cifs/smbfs filesystems directly from within your container.

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Ok interesting. I suppose that equally extends to SSHFS too being FUSE.

Yep, sshfs will work fine too.

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That’ll do for the time being. I’ll keep an eye out for other options in 2018 :wink:

@stgraber anything of note on this around LXD 3.0?

FUSE is still the way to go, on kernels that have unpriv fuse enabled.

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