Still working with the option raw.lxc

More a question. Is the option raw.lxc going to change to the option incus.raw ?

No, raw.lxc stands for raw options for liblxc. Incus also uses liblxc.

The fact that the LXD command line tool is called lxc was just a very annoying and bad management decision back in the LXD days which has caused no end of confusion for our users :wink:

So to clarify:

  • Linux Containers => Umbrella project for all things LXC, LXCFS, Incus, … (but no longer LXD)
  • LXC => Low level container manager and library (interaction with the Linux kernel)
  • LXCFS => Virtual filesystem to expose resource limits to LXC containers
  • Incus => High level container and virtual machine manager, uses LXC for containers and QEMU for virtual machines