Storage pool: cant change source or delete pool on my cluster

I’m using lxd 5.0.2 on debian 12. I had set up two storages for all my nodes,

  • a common ceph cluster storage
  • a local storage on every lxd node
lxd sql global "SELECT * FROM storage_pools"
| id | name  | driver | description | state |
| 1  | local | btrfs  |             | 1     |
| 10 | ceph  | ceph   |             | 1     |

On a given node, I want to replace the underlying “local” storage drive with a faster one.
Therefor I tried on the node with the new storage directly to

lxc storage set local source /dev/nvme1n1p1 --target lxd-node-14
Error: Pool source cannot be changed when not in pending state

When I try to delete the local pool on my lxd node, to recreate it (it is
currently empty on this node)

lxc storage delete local
Error: The storage pool is currently in use

When I try to

lxc storage edit local
Config parsing error: Config key “source” is cluster member specific

I can not save an altered source key.

In my understanding, my local storage, even when named the same on every cluster node, is a local featured storage on every node. For consistency reasons I want to keep the name “local” for the new storage device on my node. What is the right way, to make the source of my given node “local” storage point to the new btrfs drive partition without deleting local storage on all nodes first and then recreate them ?
I tried to find the old UUID of the local storage device in the configs or db of my node, but could not find
it… Where does lxd store these disc ids ?

Thanks for your suggestions!