Stuck at login incus ui

Is there guide the setup and login in webui? And the browser(?) need to import .pfx?

Normally the UI shows you the instructions including some instructions specific to your browser.

But basically it should be:

  • Generate a certificate in the browser
  • Load the .pfx in your web browser
  • Run incus config trust add incus-ui from the command line (instructions incorrectly mention a --name parameter, that will be gone with Incus 0.5)
  • Provide the token to the web UI

At that point your web browser has the .pfx loaded for authentication and Incus trusts your web browser.

I’ve seen the occasional issue with Firefox where loading the .pfx takes a web browser restart to fully take effect.

Ah, it seems problem from cloudflared tunnel? Using cf tunnel result Not authorized. I can access from IP:8443

Could be. As it uses TLS authentication, any proxy/tunnel thing between you and Incus can’t be terminating the TLS connection or the client certificate won’t make it through.