Sub forum or messages in Spanish?

Hello, can you have a sub forum in spanish or publish in spanish to generate a community in spanish within the forum?

Regards! :grinning::beers:

In general, a new subforum (of any kind) is created when there is enough people that will become active there.
If there are people that would benefit from a native-language subforum, they can post here.
If you know people, ask them to post here.

In some cases, the alternative to native-language subforums, is to have a plugin in the main forum that can google-translate a post on demand.

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Thank you very much for your response and suggestions @simos it helps me a lot to have that information

I will create a new post for you to comment in Spanish

Regards!! :grinning::beers:

We can create a separate category if we start getting sufficient traffic but I agree that at least initially just posting as normal and maybe using Spanish as a tag to group those posts would be sufficient.

I will create a post in Spanish indicating that we can publish our queries in our language using Spanish tag
I will also invite you to participate in the forum, in all the websites that are related to lxc and that I visit.
How can the Spanish label be created to be added when a new topic is published in the forum?
Thank you very much for the opportunity to have a space in the native language

Regards!! :grinning::beers: