Sudo snap remove lxd seems to take a very long time

I have one of my machines where I wanted to remove LXD.
The machine has 2TB SSD, AMD 3900x 12 cores.

Prior to issuing the following command I deleted the 2 containers and 4 LXD VMs .
Then I Issued the following command and its been running now for nearly 30 minutes?

$ sudo snap remove lxd
Save data of snap “lxd” in automatic snapshot set #11

Is this normal or to be expected?


You should make sure to delete all storage pools prior to running snap remove.
Otherwise snapd will make a snapshot of all your data, including the potentially massive sparse file backing your pool.

thanks Stephane…
It just finished :slight_smile:

Look in /var/lib/snapd/snapshots, you probably have a rather large ZIP file you should get rid of :slight_smile:

Ok … this is strange.

As I mentioned I had done:

sudo snap remove lxd
and it ran for 30+ minutes then finished.
Just to be sure I rebooted

Upon reboot just to test I did:

$ lxc list

bmullan@server1:~$ sudo snap install lxd
snap “lxd” is already installed, see ‘snap help refresh’

So I am now re-running

$ sudo snap remove lxd

This system is Ubuntu 20.04 and latest Snap LXD version (stable)

I finallly got SNAP LXD uninstalled by had to do a bit of manual commands ?