Sudo users unable to install software in Gnome/KDE desktops that are built based on Ubuntu LXD Cloud images

Could someone please explain what the cloud variant images do? I mean how are they different from the default variants?

We built Gnome and KDE desktops based off of Ubuntu cloud images. The issue we see is that the newly created sudo shell users do not get to install any software from the Ubuntu software center. The users are being prompted for either the password for “ubuntu” or “root” shell user. Is cloud-init doing something here?

On default images, we do not see this happen. So is it because of the cloud-init? If so is there something we can do about it?

As per our understanding, cloud variant images auto resize the partitions after we change the disk limit using “lxc config”, which is why we’ve not moved away from cloud images. Is our understanding correct?

Thats correct the /cloud variants come with cloud-init that grows the filesystem to the disk size.

There are also the official Ubuntu images that come with cloud-init using the ubuntu: remote, so:

lxc launch ubuntu:22.04 ...

Okay. It’s nice to hear that cloud variants do the filesystem resize automatically.

Any comments on why the password for “ubuntu” or “root” user are prompted when using cloud variants for desktop environments? Is this anything to do with cloud variant?

I’m not sure im afraid.