[Suggestion] Export/Import StoragePool


I would like to suggest about adding the import function of the LXD storage pool.

The reason is as follows.

  1. If you are using ceph storage, this function is not necessary.
    However, it seems that the use of ceph has not been so widespread.

  2. If there are many containers or VMs running on one host, and if host replacement is required, moving many containers or vm to another host with lxc copy/move/export/import requires a lot of time and effort.

  3. Adding an import function to the lxc storage command seems not difficult. (It is a personal thought.)

Thank you for reading.

You can put the datasets back in place and use lxd import (disaster recovery method) to re-import them into the database.

Thank you @stgraber.

Host A’s lxd storage uses lvm as the storage driver and /dev/sdc as the disk source.

I want to import and use this storagepool from host B.

If you let me know the procedure to be done in the above situation, I will test it and give you feedback.