System Containers Orquestration for LXD Cluster

  1. Any project in mind to Schedule LXD cluster via Nomad, Mesos or Kubernetes?

  2. If projects like consul or etcd are well know, why don’t implement this kind of key/value raft implementation?

  1. No, that most probably won’t happen. Think of the scope of LXD clustering as container-based vSphere replacement. If you need container orchestration, better to use Kubernetes.

  2. I’m not sure to understand the question. If you refer to the raft-based SQLite engine that LXD clustering is using (aka dqlite), that choice was made because the semantics of etcd are not a good fit with the exiting LXD code base (which uses SQL and transactions), and would have required lots of changes. Another reason for the choice is to make LXD clustering easier to operate (it’s a single binary and process, no need to manage an external etcd datastore, for instance)

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