Temperorary image file

I know that image server access is being phased out for LXD users , but is there a way for now we can have an image file?
so i know how to creat an image file from another vm but it is not helping in my case because of the networking and existing configuration, instant fail and its not working properly. i need a clean image and i have no idea how should i do that. i have arch linux iso file but it seems it is impossible to launch it with lxc. ineed a way temperorary for this until we completely migrate to something else.

i would be appreciate if you show me a way or a send me link with an image file!
Thanks in advance.

How about install Incus somewhere, export the image from Incus, and import it to LXD.

it is not really an easier way for it? i can try that

i found out about distrobuilder, trying to creat an image file my selfe.
i used archlinux.yml from here : https://github.com/lxc/lxc-ci/blob/main/images/archlinux.yaml

and i could creat meta.tar.xz and rootfs.tar.xz.
but wheni want to import them i keep geting this error:

Error: Metadata tarball is missing metadata.yaml

i used this command:

sudo lxc image import rootfs.tar.xz meta.tar.xz --alias archlinuximage

do i missing something here?

What command did you use to build the image?
It should be:

sudo distrobuilder build-incus archlinux.yaml

I got incus.tar.xz, rootfs.squashfs. Not meta.tar.xz and rootfs.tar.xz.

This is what I did:

architecture: x86_64

The architecture may be optional.

  • sudo distrobuilder build-incus archlinux.yaml

  • Copy the whole directory to an Incus or LXD host.

  • On Incus, run:

incus image import incus.tar.xz rootfs.squashfs --alias=MY-UNIQUE-ALIAS
  • For alpine images, also add a release line in the image: section of the build file:
release: 3.19