The [ceph.rbd.clone_copy] properties cannot be changed for "ceph" storage pools

driver: lxc
driver_version: 3.1.0
kernel: Linux
kernel_architecture: x86_64
kernel_version: 4.18.0-16-generic
server: lxd
server_pid: 3992
server_version: “3.11”
storage: ceph
storage_version: ceph version 10.2.11 (e4b061b47f07f583c92a050d9e84b1813a35671e)
server_clustered: true

From the docs:

ceph.rbd.clone_copy Whether to use RBD lightweight clones rather than full dataset copies.

Output of:

lxc storage set ceph ceph.rbd.clone_copy false

Error: failed to notify peer The [ceph.rbd.clone_copy] properties cannot be changed for “ceph” storage pools

Storage config:

ceph.cluster_name: ceph
ceph.osd.pg_num: “32”
ceph.osd.pool_name: ceph
volatile.pool.pristine: “true”
description: “”
name: ceph
driver: ceph

That seems like a pretty trivial bug, can you file an issue at

Sent a fix

After I posted this I realized it was able to be set on pool creation however, with the feature successfully set Ceph is still creating parent/child relationship images.

Not sure if the two are related.

Even when copying a container into another one?