The device already exists


First, look at below picture.

This vm is a vm created from local ineternal disk and moved to sdcard(128GB).

There are two questions here.

  1. config is taken entire sdcard 1
  2. If I give the command lxc config device override tzfs root size=30GB, I get an error like the title of this article. What do I need to solve?

Thank you.

I’m afraid I don’t understand question 1.

For question 2, you can only use the override command when copying (and modifying) a device from the instance’s profile(s) into its own config. Once it has been copied into its own config you cannot use override again and must use set to modify it.

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Dear Tomp

  1. It was a question about the capacity of “config /run/lxd_config/9p”. I have confirmed again that it is separate from the problem that does not work. I’m Sorry.

  2. Thank you. i solved below command
    .# lxc config device set lbg root size=40GB

Thank you.