The Fan overlay network on Alpine Host

Hi all!

I have a small question

I have 3 servers with Alpine Linux and LXD installed

I want to raise LXD Cluster and create overlay networks

When initializing LXD (lxd init), the question about “Would you like to create a new Fan overlay network? (yes/no) [default=yes]:” does not come out

Any help is welcome

Thank you!


PS: I don’t want to use OVN as Ubuntu Fan is lighter and better to set up

Ubuntu Fan as the name implies is an Ubuntu thing, you need an Ubuntu kernel for it to be available.

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It’s a pity of course (((

But in any case, thank you very much for the information!

As an idea, this package can be compiled on Alpine Linux (Maybe it will work, who knows)

I will try to somehow solve the problem, I will definitely inform you as soon as there is news (but I hope that Canonical will be added to Alpine Linux support as well)

Found a page will follow it (