The naming of third party open source LXC / LXD (non Canonical managed) projects

Hello team.

Are there any guidelines for using LXC / LXDs logo in open source projects or documentation, and whether the LXC / LXD names are trademarked?

I am planning to name / publish an open source build tool for LXC/LXD and wondered how much is covered by CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

For example if i published a tool named LXC-SomethingSomething, would this cause any sadness ?

Are there any guidelines for this?

Thanks for the awesome work!

(Usual, “I’m not a lawyer” disclaimer here)

LXC itself isn’t trademarked so you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want there.
In general, we’re quite happy with LXC related projects to use the name so long as they don’t imply any kind of official relationship or support from us.

LXD is a bit different as it is a registered trademark from Canonical, though there again, we’ve seen a number of small scale open source projects using the name and don’t have any issues with it so long as no official relationship with us is implied.
As trademarks must be defended to remain enforceable (again, not a lawyer), larger, more visible projects will definitely want to reach out to me or directly to our legal team to get a clear go-ahead so there’s no issue in the future.

As for logos, we use the LXD logo/illustration which I’d expect would fall under that LXD trademark as above. Using the logo itself to refer to the official LXC, LXCFS or LXD projects is fine and has been very widely done before. Where you’d definitely want to seek approval is if you’re including our logo within your own or are making some kind of derivative of our logo.

Pretty much all boils down to, so long as you’re not trying to trick anyone into thinking that your project is officially related to us, you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the detailed reply, thats very helpful.