There is no tag 'incus'

When creating a post, you can select a category and one or more tags. Among the tags there is no `incus tag.

I think you can create them. If I remember correctly, I created the meta tag.

You can indeed create a tag.

Screenshot from 2024-02-01 11-27-29

But for incus, it does not find the tag and does not suggest to create it either.

Screenshot from 2024-02-01 11-27-38

Yeah, for some reason the project tags were restricted to staff. I think it was too push people to use the correct category instead of using general and adding tags.

I’ve removed that restriction now, we’ll see if people keep posting in the correct category or if the restriction needs to be put back.

In this case, I bet it is because there is a category with the same name.

There’s the LXC category and the lxc tag. Same with the Distrobuilder category and distrobuilder tag.