Trouble launching Rocky Linux 9 VM (Incus 0.5.1 on Gentoo)

I am having difficulties creating a Rocky Linux 9 VM. Incus version 0.5.1 is running on a Gentoo Linux host machine.

❯ incus version
Client version: 0.5.1
Server version: 0.5.1

As described in this announcement, I created a profile and added the disk device. Alas, launching the new instance fails:

❯ incus launch images:rockylinux/9 rocky --vm -p default -p vm-agent
Launching rocky
Error: Failed instance creation: Failed to start device "agent": exec: "mkisofs": executable file not found in $PATH
❯ incus profile show vm-agent
config: {}
description: ""
    source: agent:config
    type: disk
name: vm-agent
- /1.0/instances/rocky

I wonder, have I forgotten some setup step, or does the rockylinux/9 image require further actions? Your assistance is appreciated.

You need mkisofs which on Gentoo is apparently part of the cdrtools package?

@juippis may need an extra dependency or something to handle that?

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Thank you for the lightning fast response, Stéphane. I can confirm that manually installing the cdrtools package using emerge -1a app-cdr/cdrtools solved my problem.

Gentoo ebuild version 0.5.1-r1^st(05:26:15 AM 02/12/2024)(nls -apparmor -fuidshift -verify-sig) might indeed need to be updated with an additional dependency.

Hmm, cdrtools should be naturally pulled with qemu, but I see with use flag configuration this can be missed. I’ll add an explicit opfteature note and document it in our wiki, thanks for pinging me!

(Offnote distrobuilder should probably depend on it unconditionally)