Troubleshooting Network Issues with LXD Containers

Hey everyone,

I’m at a bit of a loss with my LXD network setup and hoping someone can lend a hand.

Here’s the deal: I’m running LXD on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. My containers are all configured to use the default bridge (lxdbr0), but for some reason they can’t access the internet. The weird part is, my host machine has internet access just fine.

I’ve double-checked the DNS settings in the containers, and they appear to be okay. I also took a peek at the iptables rules, and everything seems in order there too. Still, the containers are stuck on a digital island!

Has anyone else encountered this before? Any tips on how to figure out what’s wrong and get my containers online would be a lifesaver.
I also check this: But I have not found any solution.

Thanks in advance!


This support forum has moved on to Incus, which is a continuation of LXD.
I wrote the guide that you referenced above but have not updated it yet to Incus.
Note that there is a big difference between lxdbr0 and the routed virtual networking.