Trying to do nixos-rebuild switch inside a fresh nixos container fails with Failed to start Firewall

Hi folks.

I filed the above issue in the incus github issues. I was advised to report them here to get a wider audience. Basically something is not running correctly when i try to mix incus and nixos on.

The above is another issue also being faced by another user. Its also the original issue which i was facing until i removed all the firewalling that is based on iptables altogether. I still dont know what firewall rules are required by incus on nixos.

I would appreciate any suggestions and help you can provide. If you have it already working please share your relevant nix configuration for hosts/guests.

@adamcstephens I am pinging you here since you offered :slight_smile: Thank you so much for accepting that and providing your help. Its really much appreciated !

Best Regards