Trying to get Incus UI going

Following descriptions, have some flags in error see below. Probably missing a step. I did import into browser. Any ideas?

incus config trust add --name incus-ui
Error: unknown flag: --name
root@RR5:/home/rr2020# incus config trust add incus-ui
Client incus-ui certificate add token:

You forgot to do the step 2:

incus config trust add-certificate incus-ui.crt

Copy the crt file and import it on your Incus instance.

After that if you imported the pfx file into your browser, you should be able to login automatically to Incus UI

@nordex1 I think the two of you talk about different processes to connect the UI to Incus.

@Tony_Anytime is showing the token based workflow where the web browser generates a certificate, provides it to you as a pfx to load, then requests a token that you generate by running incus config trust add NAME.

In that scenario, you don’t need to transfer the .crt and call trust add-certificate as that part is done for you by the UI through the token you provided.

I did notice a couple of cases where browsers are weird and despite you having loaded the .pfx in the browser, it won’t use it for the website until you close the browser and re-open it.
I’ve noticed that primarily on Firefox in the past, so that may be what’s going on here.

I was in the exactly same position like @Tony_Anytime, same errors. Then I figured that I forgot to import the certificate.
For me the command

incus config trust add --name incus-ui

was also producing error. Without “–name”, I was able to generate token but I was not able to login with it.
I am using Firefox.

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Same here, getting blank/white page with the following source.


Also using FF but also other browsers, HTTPS to both localhost IP and eth0 IP… Have you used a self-signed or “built in” TLS cert?