Trying to PXE Boot from an Incus VM

incus init Netboot --vm --empty -c limits.cpu=2 -c limits.memory=4GB -c security.secureboot=false --profile default --profile bridgeprofile
incus config device add Netboot pxeboot disk source=/home/scott/Downloads/ boot.priority=10
incus start Netboot --console=vga

In the above code snippet, profile bridgeprofile gets an address from my main LAN.
I am trying to boot from the iso.
Here’s how it ends up:

If I manually enter my adapter, IP, netmask, gateway, etc then it sorta tries and then ends up at the BIOS screen.


Any ideas on how to get this working?

Booting to works on my network from a bare metal machine.

Not sure why it’s being unhappy, it’s clearly seeing the network interface but is acting as if it couldn’t use it somehow.

You may want to give security.csm=true a try which should then let you pick legacy boot from the boot manager, booting in BIOS mode may get you around the issue.

I had tried that earlier. Hard to understand since this works in QEMU.

Figured it out, it’s an issue with and IPv6, it may be worth reporting that to them.

That is AMAZING! Wow, I just never saw that as an issue. Working thanks to you. Clearly IPv6 was getting in the way. You are my hero sir.