Trying to route ipv6 traffic to lxc container

Hello everyone, i’ve spent probably a week now trying to make this work, but i just can’t make it work.
The closest relatable setup i’ve found, is this one:

I have a block of /64 ipv6 addresses free to use from my provider.
I want traffic on one of those ipv6 adresses, to go directly into a specific container (and back).

I assume i have ipv6 connectivity on the host, because i tested the connection between my pc and the host with iperf3.

My interface is called eth0 and it is the interface that i want to use as a parent interface for the routed nic device.

I have configured 2a03:3000:24:18d:c::11 as a static ipv6 address for eth0 on my host system.
Gateway is fe80::1.

I have followed the exact steps in the forum post above for the example with ubuntu:18.03.

  • i deleted the lxdbr0 interface
  • initiated the ubuntu image in the forum post above
  • lxc config device add c1 eth0 nic nictype=routed parent=eth0 ipv6.address=2a03:3000:24:18d:c::11
  • started, deleted the netplan.yml and restarted
  • get the same results when doing ip a in th container as tomp , even though i think it should be /64 instead of /128?
  • Try to ping, from within container (ipv6 ip, not domain) but get “network unreachable”

I have taken various steps to configure the same static IP inside the container and enable ipv6 operation.
But i must be doing something wrong.

Additionally, I’m not really sure what ipv6.conf.accept_ra in general is, and if should set it to 0 or 1.

I’d appreciate any help :slight_smile:


Please can you post over at with details of your setup and we’ll try and help. Thanks