Trying to use

I am trying to get the same configuration I have using systemd-nspawn container when I have VirtualEthernet=no in the nspawn config file. In such container, the ethernet cards are the same from host.

I have been trying to use network.type=0 with no success.

How can I do that?


Question not correctly formulated.
How can I share the host network namespace with the container?

This is what I have with nspawn. In the right side is the host and in the left the container.
I believe that the same can be achieved using lxc. The container has the same network configuration from the host.

What do you see[i].type=none?

Hi @tomp,
I tried to use lxc config edit like this:


When I tried to save I get this message:

Editing this way, just keys* are supported. I tried also using raw.lxc: lxc.include=. I can save but the container doesn’t start.

I am using:
lxd 5.10-b392610 24323 latest/stable canonical✓ -

I didn’t install “lxc”, what I mean I don’t have commands like lxc-*. I am beginning to suspect that this is an issue.

Thank you to spend your time with me.