Two questions: Android TV image and live snapshots

Hi there, I would like to ask two questions regarding LXC, and this seemed like the more appropriate place to do so even though this project seems to have moved to Canonical.

I would like to ask:

  1. There doesn’t seem to be any Android TV image available. Is it possible to run Android TV (or any other version of Android) as an LXC container/VM?
  2. Is the live snapshotting feature provided by LXC safe to use while the container is running on non-COW filesystems, in my case, Ext4, or would it cause a diagonal snapshot?

To provide a little bit of context of question number 1, I am running a Raspberry Pi behind my TV which hosts my Jellyfin instance. In another room, I am running Android TV and installed the Jellyfin client in there, and everything works pretty well.
However, in the TV in the same room, we have a not-so-smart TV, and I was thinking of connecting the RPI to the TV with the HDMI cable, and install Android TV on a container/VM, effectively turning it into a smart TV without buying new equipment.

It seems to me Anbox and Waydroid (based on anbox) are more appropriate to your scenario, where you may be able to better install the apks related to AndroidTV

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