Typical container names

i’m still studying this. reading recent posts i have seen simple container names like “c1” and “c4”. is this what people typically use? is anyone else using different naming schemes?

my first containers will probably be running a variety of distros and their versions, but i had thought i would just use use names like “centos6”, slackware14.1", and “ubuntu14.04”. does this make sense?

The c1, c2, … syntax is what a bunch of us use for testing and development of LXD, certainly not something I’d use in production as those names are incredibly obscure and non-descriptive :slight_smile:

For my production servers, I usually use names like rproxy01, dnsr01, shell01, … to identify what the container does and allow for multiple instances of the service.

For use with multiple bridges my naming scheme for containers is like following


vBxx stands for the used network bridge
ctName should be self explained (for the used service in the container or like tld-domain-sub for a webspacing bridge)

Is easy to find via lxc list the containers based on the bridge caused by standard name sort

Bridges are named like vBridge01, vBridge02 and so on.