Ubuntu:18.04 vm broken?

Could it be that the ubuntu:18.04 amd64 vm image (44ca55f0aa39) is currently broken?

$ lxc launch ubuntu:18.04 --vm ubuntu
Creating ubuntu
Starting ubuntu
$ lxc exec ubuntu bash
Error: Failed to connect to lxd-agent

Even after waiting like 5 minutes or so

I don’t think the official Ubuntu VM image for 18.04 got the lxd-agent preinstalled yet (so its probably booting but just no lxd-agent running preventing LXD from communicating with it).

Does it work with ubuntu:20.04 (I think the lxd-agent got preinstalled with this image) or images:ubuntu/18.04 (this is built by the LXD team) work?

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Alternatively you could use cloud-init to preconfigure SSH/console login.

Thanks! that makes sense :tada: I was assuming the lxd-agent would be preinstalled in all images.
Both 20.04 and images:ubuntu/18.04 are working.
Isn’t providing ubuntu:18.04 as vm without the lxd-agent and ubuntu:20.04 with the agent kind of confusing?

Yes it is confusing. But we don’t provide the image and so cannot directly control what goes in it.
Whereas the images: remote are images built by the LXD project and so do include the lxd-agent where possible.

I believe @stgraber has a ticket open with the Ubuntu team to add it though so it should get done eventually.

Yeah, I actually need to update the lxd-agent-loader package in current Ubuntu to line up with what we’re doing upstream these days. Then we can get that updated in 20.04 and finally have it backported to 18.04, but it’s quite a slow process.