Ubuntu Noble Numbat?

When can we expect Noble Numbat daily builds available in images server?

Or in other way: why this does not show anything?

$ incus remote add --protocol simplestreams ubuntu-minimal-daily https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/minimal/daily/
$ incus image list ubuntu-minimal-daily:

The official Ubuntu image server that you’ve added does not support Incus and so won’t show you any images.

We should be able to add noble to our images though.
@monstermunchkin want to do that? I see you’ve added trixie recently.

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Yes, I’ll add Noble Numbat.

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Will it be also minimal one possibly? I try to keep containers small.

The only images that we make are the ones on images:, for Ubuntu there are two variant, the default one and the cloud one.

The default one is very similar in content to Ubuntu’s minimal image while the cloud one is similar to Ubuntu’s normal image.

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It works well, thank you. The most amazing upgrade for me from original ubuntu images is that I do not need to remove snapd packages afterwards :slight_smile:

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Hello, what has happened to Noble images? They are not available now.

@stgraber ?

Ubuntu made some changes to grub or their grub config and the images wouldn’t boot anymore.
Since noble is a pre-release version of Ubuntu, we just stopped building them for now as that failure was holding up publishing for all the other Ubuntu releases.