Unable to add GPU through PCI ID

On a multi-GPU node I am trying to add 2 GPUs in my lxd container using the PCI ID of each GPU instead of the base GPU ID.
I got the PCI IDs of my GPUs as follows:
GPU 0: 0000:67:00.0
GPU 1: 0000:1A:00.0

When I try to add GPU 0 with the following command:

lxc config device add test gpu0 gpu pci=0000:67:00.0

It gets added successfully with the following output:

Device gpu0 added to test

But when I try adding GPU 1 with its PCI ID with the following command:

lxc config device add test gpu1 gpu pci=0000:1A:00.0

It displays the following error:

Error: Invalid devices: Device validation failed for “gpu1”: Invalid value for device option “pci”: Invalid PCI address

The strange part is that both these PCI IDs were returned using the nvidia-smi query on the system and while first one works smoothly the second fails. Is there any reason for why this might be happening?

The issue is that in case of a PCI ID having alphabets, lxd takes lowercase value instead of uppercase.

So for the GPU 1 with PCI ID: 0000:1A:00.0

The following command adds the GPU:
lxc config device add test gpu1 gpu pci=0000:1a:00.0


Device gpu1 added to test

The only reason I could think of was when I ran the following command:
lspci -nnn | grep "VGA compatible controller"

The GPU PCI IDs were displayed in lowercase instead of uppercase.

What LXD version is that? I thought we made things a bit more flexible in that regard recently.


@stgraber it is the latest 4.12 lxd version installed with snap.

We’ve made things a bit more flexible. You can now use uppercase PCI addresses as well.

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@monstermunchkin great to know that. Would it be part of the upcoming 4.13 version? As it currently doesn’t work in 4.12.

Yes, it will work in 4.13.

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