Unable to add macvlan on VM's

Hello, I am on Arch with LXD 4.15 ; LXC 4.0.9 and I am not able to add/modify NIC with macvlan as type; I get this (or pretty similar) error(s):

Error: Failed to start device "eth1": Failed to run: ip link add macbe9625fe link enp7s0 type macvtap mode bridge: Error: Unknown device type.

I am pretty sure this is again something Arch related… but does anyone have any tip(s)?


On containers, I can add macvlan without issues

Your kernel will need to have macvtap support which is something we use only for macvlan with VMs and not containers.

Thanks… Since I had reboot due anyway… seems 5.12.9 have whatever was missing. Thanks for tip