Unable to create a gui profile

Greetings All,
Im am fairly new to containers. My system is Linux Mint 19.3. Hardware is Intel i5-6500, nvidia 1080. I have installed lxc and lxd (+ all supportive files) from the default Linux Mint repos. lxc and lxd are both version 3.03. When I tried to create a gui profile i get the message:

Error: Unknown configuration key: nvidia.driver.capabilities

I’ve tried two different examples for creating a gui profile and they both were rejected by ‘lxc profile edit’.

I have successfully gone through creating a basic privileged and an unprivileged container. If it would help, I can post the text files for the gui profile but it seems to be pretty standard stuff from what I have read.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment you can provide.
Best regards,
Bob G.


LXD 3.0.x was introduced with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, which means that the feature-set was frozen in April 2018.
According to the LXD source code, nvidia.driver.capabilities was introduced in September 2018.
Hence, this key does not exist in LXD 3.0.x.

I think that this key provides some filtering to reduce the capabilities.
Which means that if you remove / don’t use this key, then it will be assumed to be all, and still work.
Therefore, give it a go without the nvidia.driver.capabilities key.

If it does not work either, then you can simply setup snapd and install the snap package of LXD.
This version of LXD is currently at version 4.2. You can choose either to install the latest stable, or LXD 4.0.x (latest stable for the 4.0 branch). Either will be OK.

Thank you for that very prompt response. I tried deleting the nvidia references and it just continue to reject entries such as ‘uid’. The final profile ends up about 4 lines of meaningless gibberish. Being old school, I have been reluctant to use the snap packages, preferring standard repo packages but perhaps it’s time for change. Again thanks.

Best regards,
Bob G.

I took a look at the snap install and it was offering 3.03 LOL. What’s the best way to get the current version (hopefully short of compiling)?

best regards,
Bob G.

Let’s have a look.
Run the following. It should show the available channels, and the corresponding version of LXD from each channel. The default channel is latest/stable, with version 4.2. If you do not get the output that I describe, then post your output below.

snap info lxd

You can view the same info at the LXD snap page, at https://snapcraft.io/lxd Notice the drop-down menu at the top-right.

Sorry, my mistake. I was using a software installer that I mistook for a snap installer because of the similarity of the display to the way cell phone installers look. You’re right, the command line ‘snap’ shows 4.2. Thanks for helping me get my aging brain screwed back on.

Best regards,
Bob G.