Unable to create containers

I can not create new containers. I am very confused about why my problem is despite reading/searching this forum.

lxc storage show lxd (the only storage pool in list)

config: source: bucket/lxd volatile.initial_source: bucket/lxd zfs.pool_name: bucket/lxd description: "" name: lxd driver: zfs used_by:

But I see by zfs list containers are mounted at /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/lxd/containers and when I create a container i get.

Error: Failed instance creation: Create instance from image: Failed to run: zfs clone bucket/lxd/images/2cfc5a5567b8d74c0986f3d8a77a2a78e58fe22ea9abd2693112031f85afa1a1@readonly bucket/lxd/containers/deciding-cod: cannot mount '/bucket/lxd/containers/deciding-cod': failed to create mountpoint filesystem successfully created, but not mounted

Please guide me

Sounds like you’ve messed with mountpoint in ZFS in a way which is not compatible with LXD.

Can you show zfs list -t all?