Unclear how to connect to a postgresql instance over network bridge

Here is my situation… I have LXD connected juju to it, in order to control LXD. Then I instantiated a postgresql instance via juju.

I have opened up the postgresql setup so it should allow ANY ip to connect (it’s within the NAT that LXD made and this is just dev so it’s fine for now)

I then went to connect via a tool called pgadmin4, installed on the LXD host… and I cannot connect… Seems the SQL server is getting hit by the root ip address X.X.X.1 … instead of the 192… LAN ip… hence i think my issue has to do with the network bridge


should I use SSH port forwarding or tunneling here? is there a more clear way? I tried installing pgadmin5 inside the LXD cluster and connect there but that wasn’t reachable from my hosts browser either