Upgrade lxc/lxd Server from Debian 10.12 to Debian 12.1


I have a Debian 10.12 with

lxd/lxc --version

with 12 containers running on it (all using Debians with different versions).

I now want to upgrade the server to Debian 12.1 (having lxc/lxd 5.02 natively)

Will this most likely go smoothly or do I need to take care because of incompatibility?


LXD doesn’t support downgrading, so this will go very badly.

You’re going to have to setup a new empty LXD and then move your data from the newer LXD, either by using lxc copy/move over the network or by using export/import for each instance.

(Also, LXD is no longer part of Linux Containers, support for LXD is on the Canonical forum these days).